Text by Adam Potts
1.) …language must be thwart with silence otherwise it will never be heard…heard only as an echo of a sound unsung and resonating with the sincerity of a hollow cry…only in the blackness of the night it begins to resound and in the light of the day it begins to silence…where silence be the call of its failure to begin language must be left and abandoned unsung…eager to cry but impotent and mute…words resound in an audible silence which at once silences and makes audible the sonorous subject…to be heard and be seen only in silence…let language be unsung when cried and silence to echo as one hears…for only in silence do we hear and only in blackness can we write…

2.) …to write of the absurdity of being so fast that words fall back on themselves unfinished…

3.) Noise is a ceaseless becoming; a becoming which never becomes but is always already becoming

4.) …the consolidation of music qua music, brings with it ceaseless potential to escape

5.) Noise seeks to deterritorialize the majoritarian hold on music by opening it up to a plethora of audio possibilities, to transgress the confines of the striated assemblage of traditional music by opening upon a field of differences where no sound is deemed inappropriate

6.) If music is sex, noise is pornography. (NB: This is pretty much a Merzbow quote, just replaced word Merzbow with noise)

7.) As striation and assemblages occur via the codification of difference, noise is the attempt to return to this difference by deterritorializing the territory of music, that is, the assemblage of virtual differentiation

8.) Noise is always becoming Noise

9.) “One side of a machine assemblage faces the strata, which doubtless make it a kind of organism, or signifying totality…it also has a side facing a body without organs, which is continually dismantling the organism.” Quote by: Deleuze, Gilles & Guattari, FĂ©lix, A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia (Continuum, 2004) p. 4

10.) Noise exists as a perpetual deterritorialization; a becoming noise which is forever differentiating within but always on the periphery of idiomatisation. Noise thus exists as the impossible limit of music

11.) The process of territorialization must exist as a continual process-a temporal constitution which never fully silences but continually murmurs. That is, deterritorialization and reterritorialization are never separate, rather they occur simultaneously. Thus, to speak of territorialization is to speak of something which is at once constituted and unconstituted, something which never fully settles as a fixed territory but is always becoming Other than itself

13) The privileged term in a difference of opposition would not appear as such without the difference of opposition that gives it its form

14.) To transgress is to live in noise; to move always with a conscious eye on the impossible and to laugh like Nietzsche’s child

15.) We can never attain the body without organs just as we can never silence. We are always caught in noise just as we are always invested with organs. We can only deterritorialize with the counterpart of reterritorialization. We are forever caught in a web of becoming; we are forever noisy

16.) To overcome the repressing axiomatic of exchange value within capitalism, one must intensify and pursue the creative tendency within capitalism; to surf the waves of capital to its creative limits

17.) The rhizome is a non hierarchical and horizontal possibility of multiplicities, whereby deterritorialization appears somewhat infinite, opening a space for the potential of a ceaseless amount of connections which cannot be subsumed into its contrasting structure of arborescence, which like the striated, operates upon a hierarchical model of structured and restricted possibilities

text by Adam Potts Project by Majena Mafe